Q & A

Q: How consistent will you be with the posting?

A: There’s no telling. Some weeks you might see multiple posts. Other weeks it could be one. I’ll try to keep a consistent schedule as best I can. I am 31 after all and can’t devote all my time to this as much as I would like to.

Q: What happens if you can’t continue in a game due to Japanese language only games?

A: I will play the games the best I can. If I end up getting stuck because of a language barrier, I won’t score the game. It wouldn’t be fair to score a game if I can’t get get unstuck. I will however do my best to describe the game and such.

Q: What in the world does TG16, PCE, shmup and cute em up mean?

A; TG16 = TurboGrafx 16 – PCE = PC Engine – Shmup = shoot em up – Cute em up = A shmup with cute graphics

Q: Will these be quality reviews or just slopped together?

A; I try my best at all my writing projects so yes, I believe they will be pretty good. Of course I’m not the best writer and I really don’t have an editor. So please understand.

Q: Can we request a game from the list for you to review?

A: Sure! That’s something I’ll be looking into. The best way to do that would be with Twitter. You can follow me at: https://twitter.com/retrocore_rcvgm


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