Makai Prince Dorabocchan (PC-Engine)


It’s pretty awesome when you pick a game out at random and it turns out to be something you already know. Makai Prince Dorabocchan has no story so when I took to the internet for information, I found out this little guy is Son of Dracula or better known as Kid Dracula! As with Makai, Kid Dracula never made it out of Japan other than the Game Boy version. People have learned who he is thanks to the internet and has gained quite the fandom. He certainly looks different here on the PC-Engine!

Extreme makeover!

Extreme makeover!

Makai Prince Dorabocchan is a platformer that features cute versions of monsters as enemies. You’ll come across  cute zombies, witches, even flying squirrels that try to poop on you! Seriously, it’s the coiled poop! That seriously caught me off guard as this is a monster themed game and pooping squirrels really doesn’t fit the theme. The first level mid-boss was one of my favorite enemies. A big cute version of the werewolf who will eat you! I thought he looked cool, some real nice attention to sprite detail here.

The controls are standard platforming controls. Button one jumps and button two attacks. You attack with a wand that has a very short range. You have to get pretty close to enemies to kill them but luckily most enemies can be killed in one hit. That is until the later stages. By pressing down and the attack button Makai (is that even his name?) will toss tomato bombs. Yes tomato bombs to fit that cute theme! If you press down he hides in his hat and becomes invincible to most enemy attacks. This includes boss fights although a couple will still be able to hurt you. Once you learn that trick the game becomes pretty easy.

It's poop again!

It’s poop again!

Enemies will randomly drop different colored armor. Each color gives you a different type of extra ability. The red armor was by far the most useful. It allows the beam that shoots from your wand to shoot further. The blue armor allows you to jump higher and I’m not to sure what the silver armor did. Other than giving you extra hit points I couldn’t tell a difference. All armor gives you extra hit points as well and are essential to get anywhere. There are some other power ups you can find like the cleats that allow you to stomp on enemies, a blue cape that lets you double jump, a syringe that freezes enemies (must be some good stuff), and a sword that boosts your attack. These items are limited and go away after a minute or two.

This is a platformer so of course you collect stuff. Here you collect tomatoes but collecting 100 won’t give you a 1-up in this game. These tomatoes are for the boss fights. When you get to a boss all the tomatoes you collected will rain down giving you a nice preemptive strike. I thought that was pretty neat, something you don’t see often in a platformer. Your limit is 99 and even if you lose all your lives and have to continue, you’ll still get to keep how ever many tomatoes you collected. Another nice thing is when you die you respawn exactly where you died. You also have infinite continues and with the ducking invincibility trick, you’ll soon beat the game.

Makai Monsters

If you’re a fan of Kid Dracula or just plain like fun platformers, try this one out. It is pretty easy and short but the gameplay is fun and the graphics are nice. I really like the style of this game. It’s interesting to see these horror movie monsters transformed into cute versions who really don’t look all that scary. If you’re still on the fence I’ll provide a video below so you can see the game in action and decide for yourself!

Final Verdict:

  • Cute versions of horror movie monsters
  • An easy, pick up and play game
  • Can be beaten fairly easily and quickly
  • Ducking hat trick can be abused and makes it even easier

Score: 4/5






10 thoughts on “Makai Prince Dorabocchan (PC-Engine)

  1. Nice review and again I’m loving the video addition to show those of us who don’t know the game already more detail…sometimes actions speak louder than words as they say. P.S. Wouldn’t that music have been nice on your music show….hint hint 😜

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