Coryoon – Child of Dragon (PC Engine)


I’m starting to notice a trend with a lot of TurboGrafx 16 and PC Engine games. They seem to specialize in having some sort of cute character. This isn’t a bad thing, just an observation and the consoles pull it off with their colorful and detailed sprite work. Coryoon – Child of Dragon has some of the biggest cutest sprites I have encountered on the PCE/TG16 so far and they look absolutely incredible. It’s hard to believe that these consoles were out during the NES heyday. They had such a graphical advantage over the NES.

Coryoon – Child of Dragon is a shoot em up (shmup) or just like in Magical Chase’s case, a cute em up! As soon as you start playing you’ll notice the big. well done sprite work. There is a story to Coryoon but there is no text. The brief story is told through a cutscene in which an evil wizard turns the Dragon Princess back into a child! This angers little Coryoon who then sets off to take down the evil wizard. At least that’s what I came up with. Again, there was no text just a cutscene and I do not own a manual to see if the story is in it.

Poof! You're a kid again.

Poof! You’re a kid again.

The game is surprisingly easy and short. Shmups are usually known to be hard but Coryoon is pretty much a shmup for beginners. It can be enjoyed by anyone but its easier difficulty makes it accessible for beginners. There are six levels. Each level has a mid level boss and a end level boss. Coryoon controls beautifully. Fast and responsive controls make it even more enjoyable. You basically only have one button you use that you guessed it, is used to shoot!

There are power ups you can collect to make you more powerful. Be sure to shoot the pink birds carrying an orb! They drop the orb and the different colors represent a different ability. Let the orb float for a couple of seconds and it will change color. Red orbs are fire, blue is ice, and yellow is lightning. These orbs also count as your hit points. As long as you have collected an orb you can take one hit before dying. No orbs equal the evil one hit death which is a pain in games like Coryoon.

He kind of looks like a Pokemon.

He kind of looks like a Pokemon.

Coryoon also has a charge blast that can be used by simply not hitting the shoot button. His little mouth will fill up and once it’s full, hit the shoot button to unload a massive blast. There are three bonus items you can find as well. The club (like on a playing card) can be used to kill all enemies on the screen. The heart brings out two fairies that circle around you and act as a force field. They also kill anything they touch. And finally the yellow diamond that shrinks Coryoon making it easier to dodge things.

Taking down the My Little Ponies!

Taking down the My Little Ponies!

There are no continues in the game but thankfully you rack up points and earn 1-ups quite often. Once an enemy is shot it turns into a piece of fruit that can be collected for points. Bigger pieces of fruit are worth a lot more. Some for ridiculous amounts. Collecting the big grapes net you 18,000 points! If you do lose all your lives, you can go to the stage select on the title screen and return to any stage you choose. The stage select is available from the get go, so if you can’t beat a stage you can “cheat” and skip it.

I highly suggest playing this one. The great controls, beautiful graphics and a easy difficulty make it the perfect pick-up-and-play game. I really do not have anything negative to say about it. Even the music is good. So far Coryoon has my favorite soundtrack out of all the PCE/TG16 games I’ve reviewed thus far. What are you waiting for? Go. Play, have fun!!

Final Verdict:

  • Great graphics and amazing sprite detail
  • Easy to learn and very responsive controls
  • A beginners shmup that is fun for all
  • Level select option
  • Great soundtrack

Score: 5/5

Coryoon - Child of Dragon (Japan)-001





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