Yo Bro (TurboGrafx 16)

Yo Bro

The 90’s was a a fun time to experience. Looking back on it now we all have a good laugh but we retro gamers still love our games from then. No I’m not one those “90’s kids” who go on and on about the 90’s and was more than likely born in 99. I was born in 83 so I just have fond memories of the decade. From the goofy hair, bad hip hop, colorful clothes and the lingo, it was good times. Now you might be wondering where I’m going with this. Well, I believe I just played the most 90’s game ever and that game was Yo Bro.

Take a minute and look at that box art above. It just reeks of the 1990’s! You got your bright pink, green and blue colors. Not to mention the skateboard and the “hip” looking bear with a slingshot. If that’s not 90’s enough for you just wait until you start playing the game. You play as a skateboarding rad bear whos mission is to save the kids from various disasters. You do this armed with a slingshot and of course your bodacious board dude! As you play there’s a box at the bottom of the screen that displays various text. I’ll share some of these radical phrases with you!

  • “It pays to thrash”
  • “Later days dork”
  • “King road rash”
  • “Crash and burn”
  • “Eat this nasty”
  • “Most victorious”
  • “Bad bail bro”
Save the kids!!

Save the kids!!

As you can probably tell, this gnarly text shows up after bailing and attacking enemies. The first level has you saving kids from giant plants with mouths. Think Little Shop of Horrors. Your basic weapon is the slingshot but you can find different weapons scattered about. My favorite was the seeking missile that killed enemies in one hit. Other weapons include a stronger slingshot, a slingshot that shoots three balls, and grenades to name a few. There really isn’t a point to saving the kids that I can tell. They are basically just bonus points after you beat a stage.

Yo, Bro (USA)-007

The controls is what makes Yo Bro frustrating. You can move in eight directions but it seems this wasn’t a good feature here. You turn very slow and turning around takes too long. If you are going fast and turn, your turn is pretty wide. This makes for killing some of the enemies a pain. Some levels just have a set number of enemies to kill. You can locate them by following the arrow at the bottom of the screen. Other levels have different things that respawn enemies for example, level two has killer bees. Not only do you have to kill the bees but you have to kill the hives as well or bees will keep spawning. In every level there is some creeper dog in tight jeans trying to get you. He respawns no matter what it seems.

Pants tight enough?

Pants tight enough?

Some of the things you have to save the kids from are ridiculous. Sure you got zombies and aliens, but after awhile it gets weird. Toxic waste barrels that just sit there. I guess the kids can wander aimlessly into the waste. Or you have volcanoes, dinosaurs, and cute little bunny rabbits. I wasn’t aware that rabbits were so deadly. The funniest threat would have to go to level eleven. It was fires. I’m not kidding, there are big lighters sitting in the streets shooting fire balls. Yeah, really stretching it there Yo Bro.

The music is probably one of the best things about this game. Chip tune versions of classic Beach Boys songs. I’m not a fan of them really but I know of their music and can admit some of it is catchy. It didn’t take me but 5 seconds to realize the first levels song was California Girls. It actually kind of shocked me to hear as I doubt the developers had permission to use the music. The second levels music is Help me Rhonda while level 3 has I get around. Level fours track I wasn’t too sure on but it may have been The little Old Lady from Pasadena. After level four it goes back to California Girls and so on. These chip tune versions of these songs will soon be burned into your ears, which actually isn’t too bad of a thing.

Toxic waste that can be destroyed with a slingshot!

Toxic waste that can be destroyed with a slingshot!

Overall, give Yo Bro a shot if nothing more to remind you of the radical 90’s. It is a pretty bad game due to bad controls and bad enemy respawn on some of the levels. I made it to level eleven and couldn’t go on anymore but while I was playing I’ll admit I had a little bit of fun. Partly due to the soundtrack and also for reminding me of my childhood.

Final Verdict:

  • Nice soundtrack featuring chip tune versions of Beach Boys music
  • Gushing with 90’s lingo
  • Colorful, just like 90’s fashion
  • Bad controls make killing enemies tough
  • Creeper dogs wear tight jeans

Score 2/5

Victory dance after completing a level

Victory dance after completing a level





6 thoughts on “Yo Bro (TurboGrafx 16)

  1. Great review.

    This game was an eye opener for me when I was younger. Looked so good in screenshots, had a bear with slingshot riding a skateboard and fighting aliens. It was exactly the type of game I wanted to play at the time. And it sucked hard. I played this and kept thinking, “I should like this” but just wasn’t happening. The more I played it the more I hated it. Really stopped buying into how good screenshots in advertisements looked after this one.

  2. I was born a year after you in 84 and i never liked the 90s until they were gone. I think thats why i have got into retro gaming to remind me of a time without terrorists, austerity and of course paying taxes and bills. If this game does that for you mate then it deserves 5/5 regardless of gameplay, lol

    – Tony

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