Mitzubaku Daibouken-Liquid Kids (PC-Engine)

Mitzubaku Daibouken-Liquid Kids

Taito sure had a thing for cute creatures who tossed bubbles or some orb shaped object at enemies. If you take Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Islands, mix them up and toss in a new idea or two, you’ll get Mitzubaku Daibouken. For my fellow English speaking friends perhaps Liquid Kids would be a bit easier to say. However you say it, Liquid Kids is a fun game with one cute little platypus!

You play as Hipopo the platypus who is out searching for his missing girlfriend. At first I thought he was a duck but as I was researching for this game I discovered that he is indeed a platypus. You only have one way of attacking and that is with a big water bubble. You toss it at enemies who then become drenched it water, then you kick them. If you line up a bunch of soaked baddies and kick an enemy into the line you’ll get more points and sometimes a yummy snack will appear. Hurry and grab the snacks for more points!

Awww, so cute!

Awww, so cute!

The graphics are bright and colorful. Very nice to look at and the sprite work is pretty amazing as well. Watching little Hipopo wade across the water in his floaty put a smile on my face! In some levels there are little plant sprouts and you can of course water them with your water bubbles. Sometimes the sprouts grow into a platform so you can reach higher places or it might contain an item to boost your score. There is even a boat in some levels to help you get across water faster. Just toss bubbles on the handle and you’ll be cruising along!

One of the things that stood out in Liquid Kids was the enemies. Sure the normal enemies looked funny and cute, but some of the bosses are downright creepy and weird. The first boss is a big robot rabbit with a flamethrower! The second boss was…well I’m not sure. It looked like it may have been a glass rabbit head that shot orbs of fire and wore a cape. Very odd enemies indeed. Normal enemies are not as strange unless you count walking bombs with big lips as strange. Also, did I mention the enemies spawn from a portal from hell?

The portal of Hell!

The portal from Hell!

I highly recommend giving Liquid Kids a shot. Be it via emulation or seeking out the Hu Card. That is if you have a PC Engine. It was only released here in the States on the Sega Saturn. Apparently an Amiga version was made but was never released. Liquid Kids takes what made both Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Islands fun and turns it into a platformer. Both Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Islands follow an arcade format where you are in a little area. Clear out the baddies and move on. Liquid Kids is an actual side-scrolling platformer and at the end of every level is a boss. The only complaint I have is that it’s not a two player game.

Crazy flamethrower bunny.

Crazy flamethrower bunny.

Oh I forgot to mention, you do die in one hit. You may recall my complaining about this in my last review, Legend of Hero Tonma. Unlike Tonma, Liquid Kids is much more forgiving. No horrible enemy placement or infinite enemy respawn in Liquid Kids thankfully. Sadly you are limited on the amount of continues in Liquid Kids. You only get six but I’m sure there are ways to get more. Overall this was a great game with fantastic graphics, easy but fun gameplay, and some music I’ll be humming for quite some time.

Final Verdict:

  • You play as a cute platypus
  • Bright colorful graphics
  • Easy to learn game play
  • Fantastic soundtrack
  • Odd enemies that will make either laugh or cry in fear

Score: 4/5

A winner is you!

A winner is you!


4 thoughts on “Mitzubaku Daibouken-Liquid Kids (PC-Engine)

  1. One of Taito’s forgotten platformers, this. This port doesn’t seem too bad, either!

    The Saturn port wasn’t released in the US though- it was Japan-only, and I believe it’s one of the more expensive games for the system! Never played it by myself but it was handled by Ving who delivered some quality ports of Taito games for the system, so that’s a good sign. However, the arcade version of the game was included in Taito Legends 2, which made it to the US on PS2, and Europe on PS2, Xbox and PC,

    • Interesting. The info I read said that it came out in the US on the Saturn and the PS2 collection stayed in Japan. I might have to start leaving facts out.

      • Well, there were four Japan-only Taito collections called Taito Memories that are separate releases from the Legends packs (and have a lot of games not in the US/EU packs like Chase H.Q., Bubble Memories and NIGHT STRIKERRRR) so maybe they were thinking of those… The Saturn port came out well into 1998 though, so there was no chance of a US release. If I may ask, do you remember exactly where you got that info?

        But while I’m here, I guess you’ll be doing The Newzealand Story- another cute Taito platformer for the PCE- at some point on here? Ever played it before? Not my favourite port of the game, but it is my probably my favourite game of all time~

      • Ah that makes sense. Sadly I’m not sure of the name of the site I got the info from. I was on my phone at the time. Oh well, thanks for setting me straight!

        As for New Zealand Story, no I have not played it. But you are right I will get to it at some point. The whole point of this project is to review every Turbografx 16 and PC Engine game! So many more to go….

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